An impact driven lifestyle brand where every purchase you make supports a cause that matters. I produce high quality basics using direct to garment printing. If you don't see your size, message me at

About the Maggie Paine Collection

  • The Purpose

    Maggie Paine is an impact driven lifestyle brand where every purchase you make supports a cause that matters. I believe in the importance of eco-business practices and also acknowledge the value of labor. I only curate garments that ensure sustainable and fair practices for the entire lifecycle of a garment -- this includes the fibers and processes used as well as how workers are treated. The designs are designed by me and printed right here in Annapolis, Maryland. 

    And, like anything else that's good in life, I believe this small but mighty and very special collection is worth the wait. So, due to smaller production runs and an extra dose of love, your item may take a bit longer to reach you than your typical retail experience. 

  • The Product

    If you're looking for fast, cheap fashion, this is not it. This collection is about QUALITY products, created by a SMALL BUSINESS, made by people who are treated FAIRLY, and sold for a PURPOSESince 2017 I’ve wanted to provide a sustainable style line that makes a positive impact both in your closet and in the world. The overwhelming events of 2020 convinced me that it was time to launch -- because, at the heart of this collection is genuine love and care for our earth and humanity. So, if that sounds like your jam, here it is — a small line of soft, sustainable apparel with simple designs (designed by me!) that come from the heart. 
  • The Promise

    Together we can make significant, long lasting, impactful CHANGE. Through an offering of special collections, you can shop knowing your purchase will make a difference. Together we will support positive social, cultural and environmental shifts and I believe that change starts locally. It's my promise that 20 percent of profits from each item sold will go to charities committed to these important efforts:

    1. Supporting community efforts to help those impacted by COVID-19;
    2. Breaking the cycle of poverty in Annapolis through mentoring, education, and family support; and
    3. Improving water quality and reversing declining habitats in the Chesapeake Bay through oyster recovery and restoration.

    **Update 1/14/21** I donated 20 percent of Maggie Paine's 2020 net profits to The Salvation Army. With millions of people facing poverty in the wake of COVID-19, the need for help is even greater. The Salvation Army provides the essential gifts of food and shelter along with emotional and spiritual care to those most in need. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for supporting my small business. This donation would not have happened if not for you! Looking forward to more creative projects that give back in 2021! ❤️